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Global Market Overview resolve commercial boilers
Author:admin  Time:2015-08-06 14:04:55
Reporter has learned that in 2010 the world's heating, the total sales of hot water boiler has reached 8.6 million units. Wherein the maximum number of units sold in Korea, according to calculate the amount of sales, it is Germany's first, but over South Korea in the UK in 2002 will be sales. Britain is the world's second boiler output growth, first in Japan, Japan's annual output by 20%. China and Russia, two boilers to 2004 sales are expected to account for the world's fourth and fifth place, after Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. South Korea, Italy, Spain and other countries to the 2004 annual output is expected to have different degrees of decline.

Yield recent years, foreign use of flue gas condensation heat of water vapor condensing boilers rapid growth. High thermal efficiency condensing boilers, less harmful substances into the atmosphere, energy saving and environmental advantages. 1999 production in Europe condensing boiler is 156,000 units, sales of the UK sales the most, $ 83.7 million, the largest number of sales units in Germany, 4.59 million units. Iron and steel condensing boilers accounted for 96%, but the stainless steel, aluminum and copper condensing boiler share is growing rapidly. Germany pressurized burner type, accounting for 80% of the total number of units sold, while in the UK, Italy's most popular atmospheric burners boiler. Germany as the government plans to update the existing boiler plant, a few years ago condensing boiler market sales surge in 1999 than in 1994 increased sales by nearly 3 times.

In recent years, consolidation and rapid growth in demand for condensing boilers Italy, Britain condensing boiler sales growth for the world's first, from 1999 to mid-2004 forecast by 31%. It can be expected worldwide sales of condensing boilers to 2004 will be more than one million, of which 90% of the world market will be occupied by the Netherlands, Britain, Germany and Italy, four countries.

Appears the global commercial boiler market currently some new products, such as: Japan's heat pump boiler, low temperature hot water floor heating Korea with electric boiler, the British Standard brand traditional fireplace the rear wall of the boiler heat radiation and so on. Although Western European countries boiler products currently on the world market accounted for 66% of the share (either full or the number of units sold), but for them out of Europe more and more difficult, because the Far East and the United States there have been some resounding brand. China, Russia, life boiler manufacturing are rapidly growing, the domestic market, and boiler type, structural features are presented with local characteristics.
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